M8 is a brand about windfoiling, that came alive not so long ago. As it is often said, the only thing is constant in life is change. Everything is moving, changing day by day. Only one fact remains the same to serve our customers with the most innovative and high-performance sails, as we always write #ProvidingtheWorldwithBetterSails. As foiling came into our lives as well and brought new adventures, we have to make the next step. We divide now into two parts. 1D – One Design Sails will remain the brand for catamaran, foiling boat, and high-performance sails. While our new brand M8 – Windfoiling is addicted to windfoiling sails, foils, and boards. New team, new drive, new products. Keep following us if interested in the new line. #1DSails #M8Windfoiling #FoilingisEverything