Welcome the M8 MFR 2020 – Our racing line is ready

Our MFR sails just hit their successful live test run in Torbole, Italy, right after the RS:X World Championships at lake Garda at the end of September.

The MFR line – or M8 Foil Racing line – and the newly tested sails performed as we expected. Our new sails come in sizes from 7.0 to 11.0 and beside their design optimised for racing, they come with one mast size, where the larger sizes use an extender. During the design process our goal was to get you one mast no matter the size of the sail or the strength of the wind. Let’s keep sails simple!

The new MFR sail showed its potential immediately! Two 9.5 sails were soaring across the lake, sailed on a Pirate custom/M8 board and an AFS 1000R.

Watch the video below!

The second bigger test was just a couple of days ago in Galicia, playing with the rig, tensions and battens.

A quick message from @Juan  (Juan Vieito Cobián) after the test: 

“The rotation of the cambers are excellent. On the other hand, during sailing I have a really good feeling, there was no pressure on my back hand so I can do a deeper set up. It is great! In general the sail is easy to sail, it has a very good balance in up wind and down wind too. I have a lot of control. I think the sail plan area is more balanced. Pumping is good, the sail breathes correctly.”

Now it’s time for some racing.

More videos and feedbacks are coming soon. Watch out!

All sail sizes can be preordered from 15th October, with early 2020 delivery.

The M8 masts are here

We have finally found our preferred mast producer! We now offer our sails with the M8 Slake Mast Pro Pack.

When we started to test our sails, and we thought we’ve found the right mast that we liked, accessible to everyone, we’ve faced some drawbacks. We’ve found that many of the masts are different in stiffness from the same brand, same type, same year, even if they were purchased at the same time.

Finally we’ve met with Slake masts, who produce the same stiffness, same dynamics for all their masts. Which means that from now on, we offer our sails with the M8 Slake Mast Pro Pack.

What’s included in the Pro Pack? One base and two tops – a standard and a soft one – so you can really fine tune the mast to your needs and get the most out of the weather. We can also provide an extender for the bigger sails sizes that fits perfectly and works like magic together with the Slake masts.

You can use all M8 sails with any other producer’s masts of the same characteristic, however Slake is our recommendation so you get the highest performance on the racecourse.

Pricing and details will be announced soon on our website. Until that, just drop us an email.

10.0 Racing LA

Lots of things happened since my last post.  I have made this 10.0 sail absolutely to my own needs. There are two versions, one, let’s call it LA ( low-aspect), which fits a 490 mast, and an HA ( high-aspect) that fits a 520 mast. This sail is totally different than the others before. Let’s talk now about the low aspect one. Continue reading “10.0 Racing LA”

LWM 8.7 updated

There are many talks out there about aspect ratios. Some of the guys tell the high-aspect ones are better for foiling, some others are to keep the CE low, so shorter mast and longer boom. I belong to the second group, so this sail is in that category as well.
As the first sail was made in a rush without cams and details, this one is 6 battens, 3 cams, also from different materials.
Continue reading “LWM 8.7 updated”

A kind of introduction

The Story of M8 windfoiling

The M8 windfoiling brand is the creation of Marton Balázs, the designer of the world-class 1D Sails

His story with windsurfing started at a very young age, as he grew up by Hungary’s biggest lake, Lake Balaton. He couldn’t settle for good, but he constantly improved his equipment, and fine tuned the boards, the fins, the sails to be the best, the fastest he could be.
During the early 2000s Marton gave up windsurfing, to not only try, but to go to the extremes of sailing through championships. With his knowledge and experience, the 1D Sails brand and the loft by Lake Balaton was born in 2013. At that time windsurfing came back to their radar by providing repair services but that was also the time when their first sail, the SL A.D.D. was born.

After a 4 year break, where Balázs and his team was focusing on 1D Sails and the design and production of unique catamaran and foiling boat sails, windfoiling drifted back into Balázs’ life. Some of their sailors contacted them for special windfoils.
This gave them the idea of using the quality and know-how of the European and World Champion 1D Sails and turn it into a thriving new brand, for world-class quality, unique windfoils. In the summer of 2018, M8 windfoiling was born.


(Photo: Kollmann Andras)