A kind of introduction

Let’s have a kind of introduction how this brand and everything behind it came alive. Living on the coast of Last Balaton, made me to start to windsurf at a quite young age. I have made my equipment pimping always, modifying my boards, fins and sails trying to be faster and faster. Early 2000s I gave up, and went into sailing quite hard. Some years ago, in 2011 when started to open our sailmaking loft, I went back for windsurfing a little, on repairs, and the first sail got born, the SL A.D.D. Again a pause, as went into catamaran and foiling boat sails quite deeply. 2017 winter the windsurfing came back to my life in form of windfoiling. As at stage we were making famous and fast catamaran sails, many guys asked for some that is specialized for windfoiling.During the summer of 2018 the M8 Windfoiling was born. I though if we can make catamaran sails that beat the whole world ( Yep, European and World Champion sails in 2018 find more here: http://onedesignsails.com ), why we wouldn’t be able to do the same for windfoiling.

Why M8?
I was not sure that I want to use our 1D Sails brand for windsurfing. So started to use the M8.

What’s coming?
In this blog, I will write about the developements of the 2019 windfoiling sail range, its RnD, testing part, the same on our boards and foils as well, including trips, success and failors. As we have several test riders, of course they will right as well. (Photo: Kollmann Andras)