10.0 Racing LA

Lots of things happened since my last post.  I have made this 10.0 sail absolutely to my own needs. There are two versions, one, let’s call it LA ( low-aspect), which fits a 490 mast, and an HA ( high-aspect) that fits a 520 mast. This sail is totally different than the others before. Let’s talk now about the low aspect one.

I made the two different versions, as to compare the low and high aspect on a race course.

I moved to 7 battens from 6, as I felt not enough stability when pushing hard on the course. Changed the configuration to 4 cams as well. Also, other modifications were made in the overall shape as well. The draft position is more forward, also the sail is deeper on the 3rd and 4th battens from the top.
The materials used in the sail is quite different as before. The main panels of the sail are technora laminate, with a Dyneema reinforced xply window. The luff sleeve is technora laminate, going all the way under the dacron front sleeve.
I used different construction as well, different head cap. Different clew, and tack reinforcements were used and technora fibers go all the ay from the tack to the head in the luff panel seams to avoid elongation.

I was working on the rotation as well, changed a lot, much easier, smoother. Although it needs some refinement with the spacers, already happy with it almost in any conditions.
Tried on two different masts, one is the Duotone platinum 490 and the other is the RS:x 490 one. The time was enough to sail on the platinum mast, In light conditions, ( 8-10kts) it was easy to handle and rotated nicely, also the acceleration was better than on the previous version. Between 12-15 kts, the time was too short to have good feedback, but it was pretty stable and fast.


Now we have some cold weather in Hungary, the plan is to travel to a warmer place at the beginning of February to make some nice footage and more testing.

I was testing the 8.7 LWM, also I have modified it, but that will be another post, also there are two another sails that are coming, I will write about these as well in the coming week.