The M8 windfoils are designed using the SMAR Azure and the brand’s uniquely designed in-house software. The precise design process consists of a virtual test followed by real life prototype testing.

First, the newly designed sail goes through a virtual wind tunnel testing, then it is put into a virtual course to check its potential on the racecourse. Once the prototype is made, experienced test sailors provide the most valuable feedback on the handling and the overall feel of the sail. This is where science, technology and nature meet.

Simulation by Ellway Aero- Hydrodynamic design


All the sails – from prototyping to production – are created in the loft, located at Lake Balaton, Hungary. The M8 windfoils are born under the same roof as the world-wide known 1D Sails inheriting the quality, construction, performance and most importantly the crew’s knowledge. All sails are built with the utmost attention to detail, assembled with special care and sent on their way from the loft in their best possible shape and form.


M8 windfoiling sails come in different sizes within the racing class
The 7.5, 8.5 and 9.5 sails are designed and built with the rules and goals of “Windfoil 1 Racing” class in mind, for Olympic windfoiling discipline.


Size Luff Boom Ideal mast Battens Cams Price
7.0 TBA TBA 490 7 4 880 €
7.5 WF1 TBA TBA 520/530 ProPack 7 4 928 €
8.0 TBA TBA 520/530 ProPack 7 4 975 €
8.5 WF1 552 225 520/530 ProPack 7 4 990 €
9.0 556 226 520/530 ProPack 7 4 1015 €
9.5 WF1 572 232 520/530 ProPack 7 4 1050 €
10.0 586 236 520/530 ProPack 7 4 1100 €
10.0 LW 564 250 550 7 4 1198 €

Prices are valid from 15th October 2019, excluding taxes and delivery costs, (ex-works Balatonfuzfo) and subject to change without notice.

M8 Slake Masts( 1 base, 2 tops, normal+soft):

520cc: TBA
530cc ProPack*: TBA
550cc: TBA
Carbon extender: TBA
*ProPack: 1 base, 2 tops, normal+soft

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